Technology to Make You More Efficient: Lumeris

April 14, 2016
It’s more difficult to make money in today's changing healthcare environment; there is no doubt of that. The healthcare landscape changed with the Affordable Care Act, and it’s now necessary for a healthcare provider to change their focus and move away from a traditional volume-based emphasis to one that is based primarily on outcomes. Lumeris understands that reform means it's necessary to provide healthcare that brings the best results at the same time it increases efficiency. However, it’s not just the case for providers; payers have to be on the same page.
What makes Lumeris your best friend is our ability to help you make that transition from the old model to this brave new world of healthcare payment and delivery. The old model, in which providers and payers engaged in something of an adversarial system, is giving way to a system in which efficiency is balanced with with patient outcomes. Our software and technological systems require that all elements of the system, from patients and their families to doctors to claims representatives and others, will find it necessary to work to make sure everything is working together seamlessly. Sharing data and strategies makes a lot more sense these days, and Lumeris can help you do just that.